Monday, December 12, 2011

Screaming Eagle

This is a Red Neck Hawk sticking his claws into the shoulder of this Indian warrior causing him to start screaming. The small varmint above the beer can is the hawks beer drinking buddy

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Keep your paws off my carving chisels

Here is one of my cartoons I drew, don't claim to be all that good at cartooning but have fun trying.
A lot of woodcarvers will know where I'm coming from with this one.

Comanchero caricature woodcarving

This was a lot of fun to carve, so many jokes and images of Comanchero's  have been used every where.
Thought it was time to create my own image of one

Monday, September 26, 2011

"I'm your Huckle Berry" caricature woodcarving

There was a old cowboy saying  "I'm Your Huckleberry" that meant I'm the man for the job.
This old ornery cow poke is your Huckleberry. The rat leaning on the spittoon always enjoys a good gun fight in the saloon were he resides as a permanent  fixture

Red Neck Hawk caricature woodcarving

There are all sorts of hawks of every kind but you just don't see a Red Neck Hawk every day.
I tried to capture this one chilling out with a cold Pabst Blue Ribbon beer

Buckle Bunny wood sculpture in white walnut

This wood sculpture is carved in white walnut and stands approximately 32" high. Female Groupies that follow the rodeo riders were given the title of Buckle Bunnies is what gave me the idea to carve this sculpture. It was the number one most popular woodcarving on my web site until some evil no count hacker shut it down to make my life more miserable

Bank robber caricature woodcarving

This is your friendly neighborhood cowboy making a hasty money withdraw from the bank. For some reason the Sheirrif's posse doesn't agree with his method of withdrawing the money.  Called it "With Draw Express"